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The War in Ukraine: Message From The Lord-Lieutenant

We are all horrified by the violence and cruelty of events in the Ukraine.  The war has brought terrible suffering for its people, and devastation to a beautiful and historic part of Europe.

The response of people and organisations across Britain has been huge – from the level of donations to charities and the organising of relief consignments to the generosity of thousands of people ready to open their homes to Ukrainian refugee families.  And Surrey has been no exception.

We all want to help in whatever way we can, large or small.  One obvious route is, of course, through donations to the many charities, like the Red Cross and UNICEF, involved in relief work of all kinds in Ukraine itself and among those giving help to the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees.  Such charities are almost limitless in number.  And for those of us who may not want to choose an individual charity a donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee www.dec.org.uk will mean contributing to a range of leading charities working to alleviate need and suffering in the area.

Alongside this there are countless groups and organisations, throughout Britain, doing work of all kinds to provide support to Ukraine.  Surrey is an important part of the national effort and there are community initiatives springing up throughout the County.  Raising awareness about them and supporting such current and future endeavour is something to which we can all contribute.  But how do we get to know what is being done in Surrey or how we might offer our support to such work?  There is no single answer.  But you may find it helpful to know some of the local – rather than national – organisations you can contact which can provide avenues for your own wish to help.  These include:

                –  Surrey County Council: website surrey.gov.uk
                –  The Community Foundation for Surrey: website cfsurrey.org.uk
                –  Your local Borough Council’s website
                –  Your local parish church (and through their website)

The Lieutenancy is in touch with many of these organisations, and will continue to do what it can to support and highlight the many kinds of practical assistance they and others are giving across the County.

The present indications are, distressingly, that the conflict in Ukraine, and the suffering and needs of its people, will continue for a long time.  So the importance of the support and contribution we can all make will not diminish. The courageous Ukrainian people will go on needing our committed help and prayers.  Meanwhile I do, as Lord-Lieutenant, thank every one of you for the support I know you are already giving.

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Covid-19: Community response

COVID-19 is a grave challenge facing people around the world, within our country and here in our own county, Surrey.

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Royal Visits and Events

The Queen and other members of the Royal Family make almost 3,000 visits across the United Kingdom each year. In Surrey, as in other counties, official functions are often included in these visits.

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Sunday 8th July 2018

Volunteers of BERT receive a Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service at Brockham Green

The volunteers of the Brockham Emergency Response Team (BERT) were one of nine Surrey groups to receive the Award.

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