The Surrey Lieutenancy

The role and mission of the Surrey Lieutenancy is to serve the Sovereign and connect the communities of the county. This brings the Lieutenancy two core responsibilities: 

– To uphold the dignity and position of the Crown by assisting and representing it in all aspects of the life of Surrey.

– To support the values the Crown represents by celebrating, inspiring and promoting the vibrancy of county life.

Michael More-Molyneux is the current Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey. He is assisted by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Mrs Mary Creswell DL, and currently by 43 other Deputy Lieutenants.

The Lord-Lieutenant assists the Royal Household in any matters it requires in relation to the county of Surrey. The Lord-Lieutenant is the chief link between the Monarch and his people in Surrey serving The Sovereign and connecting communities.

As His Majesty’s representative, it is the Lord-Lieutenant’s chief duty to uphold the dignity of the Crown by assisting and representing it in all aspects of county life. The Lord-Lieutenant follows the example of HM The King by the encouragement he gives to voluntary service and to benevolent organisations, and by the interest he takes in the commercial and social life of the county.

The Surrey Lieutenancy promotes the interest of the Royal Family in Surrey by: communicating and celebrating the value of exemplary service and endeavour in the county; using the convening capability of the Surrey Lieutenancy to strengthen the links between communities, encouraging teamwork, cooperation and mutual respect; helping build community cohesion and common purpose. The Surrey Lieutenancy supports the values the Crown represents by celebrating, inspiring and promoting the vibrancy of county life.

The role of Lord- Lieutenant , like that of the Monarch’s, is strictly apolitical.

The principal responsibilities of the Lord-Lieutenant:

  • Arrange the programmes for Royal Visits to organisations in the county.
  • Assist with Honours nominations, invitations etc on behalf of the Crown.
  • Present medals and awards on behalf of His Majesty.
  • Support the Armed Forces in Surrey at the command of His Majesty or at the invitation of the Commander concerned.
  • Give particular support to the Reserves and tri-service Cadet forces in the county.
  • Support, encourage and celebrate activities and institutions which promote the good of the county and the people who live in it.
  • Chair the Advisory Committee for the appointment of Justices of the Peace and ensure their good conduct as Keeper of the Roles.

How the Lieutenancy might help you

  • Arranging for the Lord-Lieutenant or one of his Deputy Lieutenants to visit your organisation as a means of acknowledging the work being done.
  • Following a visit by the Lord-Lieutenant, a Deputy Lieutenant or the Deputy Clerk, suggesting how the organisation might be included in the programme of a member of the Royal Family visiting Surrey.
  • Advising on procedures and nominations for The King’s Award for Voluntary Service, The King’s Award for Enterprise, or The Elizabeth Cross.
  • Giving advice on how any member of the public can nominate a friend or colleague for a national honour; offering advice on the completion of the forms and supporting the honours nomination when referred back to the Lord-Lieutenant for comment.
  • Presiding over Citizenship Ceremonies to welcome new UK citizens resident in Surrey.
  • Celebrating and encouraging volunteering, community service and the work of youth organisations.
  • Putting you in touch with one of the Lieutenancy Focus Groups established to raise awareness of important issues for the county.  At present these cover domestic violence, business, arts and culture and charities.
  • Helping to promote your organisation, where appropriate, in media releases or speeches to assist with profile, recognition and fundraising.
  • Where deemed appropriate, and most likely in connection with a Lieutenancy visit, generating media coverage of an organisation’s work.
  • Accepting suggestions (by early January each year) for the attendance at Royal Garden Parties of individuals deserving recognition.

If you think that we can assist, please contact the Deputy Clerk ( If we cannot help you, we may know someone who can.