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2 Army Training Regiment Pass off Parade

On Friday 25th August the Lord-Lieutenant was invited to be the Inspecting Officer for Caen Squadron’s Pass Off Parade at Alexander Barracks in Pirbright. 

The day marked the culmination of fourteen weeks of intensive on-site training and is a hugely proud occasion for the recruits, their families and the Permanent Staff who have mentored them throughout this uncertain period.

Escorted by Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Chris Hellier, and WO1 (RSM) Lance Mann ATC(P) RSM, The Lord-Lieutenant inspected the new recruits and then made the address to the Parade.

‘May I thank the permanent staff on your behalf for their leadership, absolute commitment, and total professionalism during training.  It is an extremely proud day for them too.  The job that they undertake to make you into soldiers in a matter of weeks is nothing short of outstanding.

For those of you on parade today this is the beginning of a great career.  I have few regrets in my life, but one of them certainly was in not joining the Armed Forces.  I saw my friends who joined during the 1970s, travel to Northern Ireland, Cyprus, and other areas of the World, I saw their characters and their personalities mature, and their leadership qualities develop.  They learnt new things, made new friends, and did nothing but benefit from the experience. 

The need for continued teamwork, commitment, and a pride in yourselves, and your cap badge, and your future Regiments and Battalions is never more important than in 2023.

Never forget the six core values of Courage, Discipline, Respect for Others, Integrity, Loyalty, and Selfless Commitment.

No doubt many of you will be looking forward to your deployments, as well as exercises overseas.  Or being used to help out domestically with food relief and transfer of provisions, medical or otherwise.

It always amazes me at what our small, but highly trained, how our Armed Forces manage to contribute to the security of the world in so many different countries. 

I would remind you that you are looking at the soldiers of your Army, an Army that you should be proud of for all of the good work it does. His Majesty’s Armed Forces are respected the world over.    

Finally, I would like to offer my very best wishes for your future career in The Army, and I know that it will be exciting and one that gives you fulfilment, and a sense of loyalty and belonging’


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