3rd July 2023 | News in your area

Lieutenancy Appreciation Award

On Friday 9th June Deputy Lieutenant, Nick Wood-Dow presented Dik Gregory, the Chairman of Shepperton Fair, with a Lieutenancy Appreciation Award

In 1997 Dik became the Secretary of the Shepperton Village Fair. In 2000 he became Chairman. This role involves long term planning throughout the year; the Fair attracts up to 10,000 people on the first Saturday of June each year. The Fair brings to the wider community first rate entertainment and provides a platform for local organisations and charities to raise much-needed funds. The Fair opens with the roar of several Harley Davidson motorbikes and Dik is also a member of the local chapter.

Each year many thousands of people benefit from Dik’s meticulous organisation and event planning. His commitment, attention to detail and effective liaison with key individuals throughout the planning process is highly regarded. He was also awarded a Spelthorne Civic Award on the 18th April 2023. 


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