2nd March 2022 | News in your area

Local mental health charity Oakleaf celebrates 25th Anniversary

For a quarter of a century Oakleaf Enterprise has been working tirelessly to support adults, aged 16-67, who are struggling with their mental health in Surrey. Oakleaf helps clients overcome huge barriers and work with them to rebuild their futures by providing three main pillars of support: work-related training, counselling services and wellbeing activities, which empower them to participate as active members of society. Following the Care in the Community Act 1990, an occupational therapy unit at the old local Victorian asylum, Brookwood Hospital, closed and relocated to Guildford. It became a registered charity: ‘Oakleaf Enterprise’ on 22 September 1997 and has been helping the community manage its mental ill-health ever since. Over the last 25 years, Oakleaf’s services and support has grown monumentally; having started with just 40 clients, the charity now supports 500 people each year



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