4th January 2021 | Covid-19

Painshill Park Five Arch Bridge

Painshill Park

Covid-19 has made 2020 a difficult – and too often tragic – year for so many individuals, businesses and institutions.  Large numbers of charitable organisations which rely for their income on a healthy level of visitor numbers – the National Trust being the most conspicuous example – struggled during the first lockdown to survive the impossible equation of no revenue against fixed costs of maintenance and infrastructure which the furlough system, however generous, could only partially offset.  The financial implications for many charities have been dire.  These remain, in the face of a second lockdown, immensely challenging.

But there are beacons of light within this grim darkness which signal that survival is possible.  On the Surrey Views page listen to the podcast by Paul Griffiths, the director of Painshill and read how Painshill Park, an independent charity which has to make its way on its own, will be able to survive the challenges of the pandemic.


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