9th October 2020 | Lieutenancy News

World Homeless Day

Life can be very hard without the security of a home. In the uncertain world we find ourselves in, homelessness is a real risk for so many more people and the reality of it is challenging, exhausting with a direct impact on your mental health, physical and emotional wellbeing.  It can also be dangerous and many are vulnerable.  The Hope Hub is supporting World Homeless Day and would appreciate sleeping bags at this time.  Other requests are via twitter @hopehubCamberley or facebook at TheHopeHubSurreyHeath.  They are planning a ‘sleep out’ in 2021 all being ‘COVID-free’ and plan to use it as a fundraising event so keep an eye out on their website and social media.

Just this week , they supported a veteran into supported Accommodation for 1 year to help him adjust and move towards independent living.  During September they supported 9 people into safe secure accommodation and 8 more into employment and 1 into volunteering.  During September, 11 new Clients emerged who were either now living in a car or temporarily sofa surfing with a friend due to unemployment.  They  often also help clients find furniture and even support them at a practical level with the physical move through amazing Community support.  They  have witnessed a spirit of compassion throughout the pandemic and a genuine desire to help people which is heartwarming.  Their plea is that there aren’t many homeless people who choose it as a lifestyle; so please get behind charities like the Hope Hub  and help to change a life.


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