3rd November 2021 | Covid-19

Lieutenancy Certificate of Appreciation presented to the GASP Motor Project

The GASP Motor Project – with representative from the charity’s tutors and support team, management and trustees – came together at the Albury workshop HQ during a session being delivered to Jubilee High School students, to receive a Surrey Lieutenancy Certificate of Appreciation. Presenting the award on behalf of the Lord-Lieutenant, Deputy Lieutenant Sally Varah commended the GASP team’s outstanding efforts both during the pandemic and in the months that have followed.  read more

During the months of enforced 2020 lockdown, the GASP team worked tirelessly to ensure the required PPE and social distancing requirements would be in place once restrictions lifted and they could deliver alternative learning programmes again. They knew that this was an especially challenging time for students already on the periphery of mainstream education, whose feelings of isolation and depression were significantly heightened.

New activities and ways to engage with these young people were piloted and – once back in the workshop or with mobile delivery – the GASP team supported them and their additional needs, engaging as mentors and positive role models whilst also sensitively managing the need for PPE and Covid- related restrictions. Despite the forced closure over several months, almost 170 young people attended throughout the year, with over 80% achieving AQA accreditation. That is why this Lieutenancy Certificate of Appreciation is so richly deserved!


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